7500 students build their own art robot!

With the WeGoSTEM project, Dwengo vzw/asbl and SheGoesICT in October 2019 7500 pupils from the 5th and 6th grade discover their talent for science and technology. We challenge them to build and program a creative art robot that can draw independently. In this didactic workshop a lot of STEM skills are discussed, from technology to computational thinking. WeGoSTEM is possible thanks to more than 520 passionate business IT professionals who assist teachers in class during the EU Code Week!

Social impact

Wide reach

Last year we reached 5200 students in 117 Belgian schools with the help of 351 volunteers. With WeGoSTEM Greece we also reached 800 children. This year we are aiming even higher! and in Belgium alone more than 7500 children will build a WeGoSTEM robot! This way we remain the largest STEM initiative in Belgium!

Inclusive approach

Dwengo vzw and SheGoesICT are resolutely opting for an inclusive approach. That is why for WeGoSTEM we explicitly make a selection of the schools where we give a workshop. Schools with many children from disadvantaged groups and rural schools are given priority. Last year 29% of our children who participated in WeGoSTEM had a special socio-economic status (SES), while the average in Belgium is only 20%.

Girls and boys

With WeGoSTEM we are also fighting the gender gap that unfortunately still exists, especially in STEM professions. By deliberately going to primary schools, we reach exactly as many girls as boys. Our team of volunteers is also more or less in balance: 39% of our volunteers are women. We send a team of 3 volunteers to each school with at least 1 man and at least 1 woman.

Do you want to participate?

We are looking for approximately 520 volunteers who are enthusiastic and eager to give a workshop. Specific diplomas are not required, an affinity with IT or technology is sufficient. After a short training, everyone can give a WeGoSTEM workshop. The only thing you need are passion and enthusiasm. Do you like science and technology? Do you want to inspire students from the 5th and 6th grade? Then you are the woman or man we are looking for!

Do you want inspire, between 3 and 24 October 2019, one day long, young people for science and technology? Register now and give a WeGoSTEM workshop together with two other volunteers in a school in your area.

Via our registration website you can register yourself to give a workshop in your neighborhood (we work with regions based on your zip code) and a date of your choice in October 2019. In September we will contact schools for every workshop for which we have 3 volunteers.

On the registration website you will also find all data from the short training sessions in September. We organize these throughout the country, so there is always one in your province.


In September 2019, registrations for schools start. WeGoSTEM will select the schools in all regions where we have enough volunteers. We prefer schools with many children from disadvantaged groups. If you are a teacher or headmaster of a primary school, you do not have to do anything. However, if you would like to let us know that you're interested, you can do so via this form. Questions? Don't hesistate to contact us at schools@wegostem.be.

Do you want to support us?

WeGoSTEM is an initiative for, and by volunteers, without any subsidies. We are looking for financial support to reach 7500 children this year. We are also looking for companies and organisations who to launch a call for volunteers to their members, their employees or within their network. If you want to support us, please contact Peter Bertels via peter@dwengo.org.

Do you want to contact us?

WeGoSTEM is an initiative of Dwengo vzw/asbl and SheGoesICT. You can contact us at info@wegostem.be. Our press contact is Muriel Gilbert (call: 0475 412 413).

Address: Dwengo VZW/ASBL, Avenue Marcel Thiry 194 boite 4.1, 1200 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE 0811.397.278


Dwengo vzw/asbl and SheGoesICT want to thank all volunteers and all partners below for their support.