Enable 10000 children to build their art robot!

The corona measures forced us to rethink the WeGoSTEM project. This school year 2020-2021, Dwengo vzw/asbl wants to empower teachers so they can discover with their pupils from the 5th and 6th grade their talent for science and technology. We challenge the children to build and program a creative art robot that can draw independently. This way they learn a lot of STEM skills, from technology to computational thinking.

For a lot of teachers, building robots in the classroom might be new. Therefore we bundled all our supporting didactic material in a MOOC (massive open online course) and we link every participating school to an experienced WeGoSTEM volunteer. With the online help of their buddy, teachers will be able to bring the workshop in their classroom.

Social impact

Wide reach

Last year we reached 7100 students in 167 Belgian schools with the help of 469 volunteers. With WeGoSTEM Greece we also reached 1900 children. This year we are aiming even higher! Our target in Belgium alone is to enable 10000 children to build an art robot! This way our WeGoSTEM project remains the largest STEM initiative in Belgium!

Inclusive approach

Dwengo vzw/asbl is resolutely opting for an inclusive approach. That is why for the WeGoSTEM project we explicitly make a selection of the schools to participate. Schools with many children from disadvantaged groups and rural schools are given priority. Last year 29% of the participating children had a special socio-economic status (SES), while the average in Belgium is only 20%.

Girls and boys

We are also fighting the gender gap that unfortunately still exists, especially in STEM professions. By deliberately going to primary schools, we reach precisely as many girls as boys. Our team of volunteers is also more or less in balance: 45% of our volunteers are women..

Do you want to participate with your school?

Registrations for primary schools start in October 2020. Form a group with your colleagues from 5th/6th grade and the IT coordinator of your school. Dwengo vzw/asbl will provide you with all the necessary tools (laptops, robot kits) for two full weeks. After following our online course, you will be supported by an experienced WeGoSTEM volunteer who will answer all your questions. After the workshop, you will have improved your computational thinking skills as well as those of your pupils.

Ready? Do you want to inspire your pupils in school year 2020-2021 for science and technology? Register your school and give a WeGoSTEM workshop together with your colleagues and our support in your school.

Starting from 5 October 2020, you can register yourself to organise the workshop in your school in the two-week period of your choice. We will contact you, provide you with the materials, and assign you a dedicated volunteer that will be your buddy for this exciting project!

Are you interested in the WeGoSTEM project or do you have more questions? Feel free to contact Dwengo at schools@dwengo.org.

Do you want to become a buddy for a school?

Did you volunteer for the WeGoSTEM project last year? Than you are the perfect buddy to help some teachers to build robots with their pupils!

We are looking for approximately 140 volunteers, that want to support schools in their region during a two-week period in school year 2020-2021. Let us know when you are available and we will link you to two different schools.

We are looking for experienced IT professionals or coaches who participated multiple times to the WeGoSTEM project since 2017.

Do you want to support us?

WeGoSTEM is an initiative for, and by volunteers, without any subsidies. We are looking for financial support to reach 10000 children this year. If you want to support us, please contact Peter Bertels via peter@dwengo.org.

Strong forces behind the WeGoSTEM project

WeGoSTEM is a project by Dwengo vzw/asbl. We are proud to be a 100% volunteering project, supported by hundreds of super cool, very enthusiastic volunteers, among which leading ICT Ladies of the Year: Valerie Taerwe (winner SheGoesICT 2017), Nele Van Beveren (finalist 2017), Laurence Schuurman (winner 2018)...

You can contact us at wegostem@dwengo.org.

Our press contact is Peter Bertels (call: 0474 87 40 95).

Address: Dwengo vzw/asbl, Avenue Marcel Thiry 194 boite 4.1, 1200 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE 0811.397.278


Dwengo vzw/asbl wants to thank all volunteers and all partners below for their support.